Information Collection
To support all our services.

Information processing and Adjustments

According to the needs of each service and each client.

Internal development department 

Allowing us to create any type of application to collect information, store it on our servers, and make it immediately available to our customers, along with specialized activity reports using Business Intelligence tools.




Professional Consulting, Development, Programming and Integration.

Advanced programming

Development of specific applications as well as their integration into the company IT system.

App Development

The latest generation of mobile devices from Android offer a user friendly interface, extensive multimedia capabilities and fast Internet access, representing a perfect solution to get and transmit information from anywhere.

We develop custom applications for Android

  • GPS geo-location Applications.
  • Search-services Applications.
  • Information collection applications.
  • Mobilisation and distribution of content. Transfer content to mobile devices.
  • Mobile connectivity between field devices.
  • Mobile Web Development. Specifically designed for viewing on mobiles

Development of Desktop support applications.

Development of Web-based applications (on-line) for both mobile devices and desktops.