Objective: To reach more outlets to boost results from marketing efforts

  • Flexibility in sales network sizing.
  • Flexibility in the location (zones). Adapted to the real business opportunities existing in each geographic area and for each market segment.
  • Reduce costs and administrative structure.
  • Real Time monitoring.
  • Review and tracking for greater network efficiency (improving commercial key figures), increased efficiency in the use of sales resources of the organization to achieve a better quality of sales (right product and customer channels, improved customer base permanence, etc.).
  • Capable of turning the flexibility into a strategic weapon in launches, offers, promotions, new channels, etc…


External sales networks, specialized by sector

  • sale and promotion of your products,
  • customer loyalty,
  • routinely update sales policies,
  • carry out specific tasks,
  • and launch new products in both established distribution channels as well as new markets.

We strengthen the business structure on a regular basis, but especially during intensive sales cycles, during new releases as well as any other specialized service.

Led by specialists

Our professionals, specialized in each channel and sector, work with your company in the design, planning and implementation of POS activities.


One of the keys to success to achieving our goals is to have a sales force that is sufficiently trained, motivated and with clear procedures. So from RPV, we work with our clients in:

  • Study and Analysis of the planning and Objectives.
  • Design of the most appropriate sales structure.
  • Definition of procedures and methodology.
  • Policy reviews for each position of the Network or Sales Network.
  • Cost analysis.
  • Creating or revising the remuneration model for the various posts that make up the structure of the network.
  • Incentives for pro-activity and productivity for the entire sales team.
  • Training, motivation and incentives for each component of the network
  • Implementation of business management tools.
  • Monitoring and mentoring of the sales team.
  • Effectiveness monitoring and corrective measures