We conduct support visits at regular intervals which have been coordinated with the customers




Our goals:

  • Check that the agreements made with the customer in each of the Points of Sale are properly maintained.
  • Ensure that each POS maintains the agreed variety of products.
  • Enhance the presence and visibility of your product at each point of sale.
  • Collect as much information, both quantitative and qualitative of our products and of the competitors as required.
  • To generate replenishment orders.
  • Remove out-of-stock items.
  • Improve average per-store sales.
  • Maintain regular contact with the point of sale, making our presence felt, conveying the support and the proximity of the brand.
  • Activate and monitor the agreed and on-going promotions.
  • Communicate and transmit any opportunity for growth and development at the site.
  • Take note of and transmit any incidents, needs or opportunities obtained from a POS.