Promotional campaign goals:

  • Attract attention
  • Break the monotony
  • Involve consumers and communicate important messages
  • Increase sales
  • Brand promotion
  • Maintain Brand and company loyalty
  • Promote purchases at the decisive moment


The specific objectives that RPV demand from promotions include:

  • Improve the frequency and volume of consumption among current users
  • Maintain Brand or product loyalty among current Customers at a specific POS or chain establishment.
  • Attract new customers
  • Quickly counter-attack the competition
  • Regulate the stock held by merchants
  • Compensate for seasonal fluctuations
  • Create a special exhibition area at the POS
  • Accelerate the rotation of slow-moving items
  • Help current consumers get more out of the product
  • To publicize and promote new uses for the product
  • Help the undecided consumer make decisions at the point of sale
  • Convince merchants to test new products at their POS
  • Encourage potential consumers to learn more about our products
  • Complement the impact of advertising in genera