Specialist services in the Point of Sale and Marketing Operations

  • Activation

  • Promotional Actions

  • Auditors (Information in the Point of Sale)

  • Distribution

  • Implementation PLV

  • Logistics

  • Merchandising

  • External Network Solutions

  • Replacement

  • Information Systems (Mobile Apps)


Made-to-measure services which adapt to your business

Flexibility which adapts and evolves to your needs

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Services tailored to your needs

We work side-by-side with the client to define their needs while respecting the design criteria and implementing the defined goals.

These are, among others, the strong points which have lead to our success:

  • Listen to our client to create, shape and adapt our services.
  • Train and motivate our staff to optimize resources and meet objectives.
  • Create, test and integrate IT solutions necessary for the proper implementation and monitoring of the service.
  • Provide our team with the specialized tools and resources.
  • Keep the client (both internal and external) up-to-date with specialized platforms (Business Intelligence).