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Our services seamlessly integrate the logistical process of the marketing material with the implementation at the point of sale.

Promotional Logistics is an indispensable tool for the proper functioning and growth of the commercial and marketing departments of many companies.

Our goal: to develop solutions and value-added services to optimize the campaigns of your Marketing, Communication, Logistics and Purchasing departments.

We are responsible for shipping and assembly of all promotional items used by our customers: additional exhibits, displays, speakers, stands, tents, banners, posters, self-adhesive vinyl, branded gifts, incentives and any other material that our customers require for their promotional activities.

Apart from the transfer, assembly and / or disassembly, we also handle:

  • Storage

  • Shelf (and / or pallet) merchandising and allocation according to your needs

  • Handling Systems and / or classification of merchandise

  • Receiving and picking of orders

  • Stock receiving and Inventory management

  • Inventory Management and Control

  • Preparation of invoices

  • Load Preparation

  • Picking: Extraction of multiple products to form an order

  • Packing: Removing boxes from a pallet or container to prepare it for shipment

  • Cross Docking: Automatic distribution of stock to save on storage and picking costs

  • Reverse Logistics: Product Returns Management